The criticism of BAA in seeking an injunction against those protesting against flying on the basis of damage to the environment is unjustified. Many of the protesters support Greenpeace which has long protested against nuclear power the only power station fuel that does not produce greenhouse gases.

For fifty years in this country we have had a quarter of our electricity from nuclear stations. Six years ago (Daily Telegraph, 15 August 2001), Professor James Lovelock (who was made a Companion of Honour for his services to the environment) pointed out that intelligent Greens would press for the immediate building of new nuclear power stations.

Nuclear power is by far the safest method of generating electricity - outside the Soviet Union not a single death has been caused by the failure of a nuclear reactor. Nuclear avoids the visual pollution of Prescott's follies - the 300ft towers that will blight the tourist industries in some of the most beautiful parts of Britain, and is a quarter of the cost of offshore wind turbines.

The public concern about nuclear waste is caused by scaremongering by Greenpeace. The total amount of high energy waste from the last 50 years, all 10 tons of it, could be safely stored on an acre of land, far from habitation or water. The Prime Minister of Australia has offered to take all of the UK's nuclear waste.

Further details are given in the report "How to close the energy gap" and in