In 1991, James Lovelock, who was made a Companion of Honour for his work on the environment, pointed out that any intelligent person who was concerned by carbon emissions should press for the immediate building of nuclear power stations.

Recently Sir David King, President of the Royal Society, has confirmed this view. A detailed study of experts in the field produced an authoritative report "How to Plug the Energy Gap" that further supported Lovelock's view. The Committee of the House of Lords also recently confirmed it.

It follows therefore that Michael Edwards, CAFOD's climate change guru, is not very intelligent. In "Forty ways to save the planet" no mention is made of nuclear power.

Nuclear power is by far the safest method of producing electricity. Deaths from failure of a nuclear reactor (at Chernobyl) was 38, far less than died at Aberfan (coal) or Piper Alpha (oil) or at scores of coal mines. Nuclear power costs a quarter as much as offshore wind turbines (based on Royal Academy of Engineering figures). Centrica (ex British Gas) calculate that wind turbines cost 3 million pounds per megawatt compared to gas, coal or nuclear. Unlike wind turbines that need fossil fuel back up for three quarters of the time, nuclear plants produce electricity 24 hours/day, 7 days per week and zero carbon dioxide.

Dishonest propaganda by Greenpeace has made the electorate fearful of nuclear waste although this has not proved to be a problem in Finland , Sweden , France , Australia or in the USA . Most of the nuclear waste can be recycled and what is left, enough to cover a tennis court, could be used as a source or low grade heat.

In fact, since in the West we have the ability to build nuclear stations, Christians have a moral duty to use nuclear and lessen our demand for oil which otherwise is too expensive for developing nations.

Intelligent Catholics will write to their MP, MSP, MEP etc and demand the immediate construction of nuclear power stations.

Cardinal Renato Martino had recently pointed out that although nuclear weapons are an abomination, "nuclear electricity can be good for humanity". Even Iran is entitled to use nuclear power for peaceful ends, pointed out the head of the Vatican Committee of Justice & Peace.

Intelligent comment on climate change can be found at or by Googling "Cardinal Martino".

P.S. Edwards is keen on organic food. There is no scientific evidence whatever than organic is better than conventional food (Food Standards Authority). There is some evidence that it is more likely to carry disease.

Campaigns by WWF and Greenpeace to reduce pesticides merely increase the price of fruit and deter poor families from buying the five portions of fruit daily which all agree is beneficial.