Echlin v. Pell

Criticism of Cardinal Pell and William Oddie by Dr Echlin is totally mistaken (C.H. Sept 3). Dr Patrick Moore, the founder of Greenpeace, pointed out that Green movements have been taken over by neo-Marxists whose aim is to destroy the economies of the free world. One way of damaging the British economy is the stupid and financially nonsense of feeding the National Grid by wind turbines that is promoted by Greenpeace. In 2001 [Daily Telegraph, 15 August], Professor James Lovelock FRS, whose brilliant experimental work enabled us to solve the problem of the hole in the ozone layer, pointed out that any intelligent person who was concerned about carbon dioxide emissions would press for the immediate construction of nuclear power stations. This view was supported by the Royal Society (Britain’s top scientists), the heads of every engineering institution and Pope Benedict. Greenpeace oppose nuclear power as do Dr Echlin and his friends in the Christian Ecology Link whose report “Faith and Power” showed invincible ignorance of energy production and use as well as moral theology.

Malaria kills more people than Aids, especially children in Africa. Malaria was wiped out in Europe and Russia by the use of DDT but in 1970 the Greens got DDT banned, although the WHO pointed out that there was no evidence of harm to the environment by DDT. Greenpeace as a strong supporter of the ban have some responsibility for the deaths of millions of children.

No informed Christian should assist Greenpeace and when Dr Echlin, Christian Ecology Link and indeed CAFOD realise that, they will get less criticism from intelligent men like Cardinal Pell and William Oddie.