Greenpeace began in protest against whaling and nuclear weapons; its current aim is to damage the economy of non-Marxist states. It is a multinational organisation with an annual income of 100 million subscribed by gullible people in response to scaremongering.

Jim Lovelock, FRS of Gaia fame who was made a Companion of Honour for work on the environment pointed out that there is no rational alternative to civil nuclear power in the Daily Telegraph, 15 August 2001. He repeats this warning more recently in "Revenge of Gaia". The Labour peer Lord (Peter) Melchett when he was Director of British Greenpeace, never debated nuclear power in the House of Lords. Instead he sent hooligans to the Sizewell nuclear power station in Suffolk to put up signs saying "Twinned with Chernobyl". Melchett knew that the dangers of the Chernobyl design were pointed out before construction began by Western and indeed Russian scientists. The stalinist regime preferred a cheaper reactor to the safety of Ukrainians. This is hardly surprising since Stalin killed more Ukrainians (7 million) than Hitler killed Jews (6 million).

Greenpeace exaggerates the dangers of nuclear waste. In the 50 years of civil nuclear power in Britain, which has produced a quarter of our electricity, the total amount of high level radioactive waste arising could be contained in the area of a tennis court. and is of no danger . Minimal security is required to deter Green hooligans. Al Quaida terrorists would not be interested as they can buy plutonium in a Moscow bar for a few thousand dollars as was shown by a reporter from the magazine "TIME".

The fact that 60% of people surveyed were in favour of wind farms is due to Greenpeace. The Royal Academy of Engineering has shown that the idea of producing 5% of the National Grid requirements from wind farms is ludicrous and inefficient, mainly because wind is erratic and requires fossil fuel back up and is up to 5p/kwhr dearer. New Labour's wind farm programme merely illustrates Blair's failure to put the nation's interest before his own re-election prospects.

The ignorance of British journalists assists political Greens. Recently four men were killed by supersaturated steam at a power station in Japan. Supersaturated steam is a dangerous material that kills two or three men every year. "Three men killed in Chinese thermal power station" never leads the BBC Evening News, nor is found in newspapers. But the BBC gave great prominence to the deaths in Japan because it was a nuclear power station. The BBC always gives prominence to a Greenpeace scare story and when the truth appears about a fortnight later, it gets a brief mention.

On the question of nuclear weapons, the decision by the Attlee government in 1954 to build Calder Hall to produce both electricity and plutonium was thought by many to be the main factor in contributing to 50 years without a World war. Today, however, most people feel that nuclear weapons should be banned entirely. The interesting point is that many of the anti nuclear demonstrators do not realise that the best way of disposing of the plutonium that pollutes the world, particularly in the former Soviet Union, is most sensibly dealt with by conversion through a MOX plant into electricity.

The recent report "How to plug the energy gap" makes it clear to any numerate person that without civil nuclear energy, we are certain to have black outs and the danger of global warming is increased. Global warming, of course, will hit hardest on the impoverished areas of the world.

The World Health Organisation has recently confirmed that the ban on DDT strongly supported by the Greenpeace movement, and for which the WHO has confirmed there is no evidence of substantial environmental damage, as being responsible for the deaths of thousands of innocent children in Africa.

Greenpeace of course are also active in trying to prevent the introduction in the third world of Genetically Modified (Golden) Rice that has the potential to reduce blindness and deaths of thousands of children suffering from Vitamin A deficiency.

As for nuclear waste, the French, with 80% of electricity from nuclear energy and President George Bush have no problem with nuclear waste. The Prime Minister of Australia has offered to take all Britain's nuclear waste and store it safely, cheaply and securely on a couple of acres of a thousand acre Australian sheep farm, far away from water supplies or human habitation.

Greenpeace conned a great deal of money from gullible people after the "disaster" at Seveso with horror tales of the vast amount of "toxic dioxins". The death toll at Seveso was NIL. The "disaster" at Three Mile Island nuclear plant caused no deaths no did the" disaster" at Windscale .

Lord Melchett was not pleased with his inheritance from his grandfather, a founder of ICI .Greenpeace started a campaign against PVC then a product of ICI. Greenpeace told the EU that Di Butyl Phthalate is an endocrine disruptor(DBP is a plasticizer for PVC ) and should be banned. Endocrine disruption (gender bending ) is a serious problem. Millions of women take a contraceptive pill ; their urine contains synthetic hormones that get back to rivers and water supplies consequently fish show feminization and sperm counts fall in men. To blame DBP for gender bending shows the dishonesty of Greenpeace and the ignorance of journalists like Geoffrey Lean of the Daily Mail.

Thomas Rae Manley