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We must all take care to avoid undue damage to our environment. Unfortunately there are those who promote their own ends under the appearance of concern for the environment.

Greenpeace for example claim to be concerned about global warming yet consistently oppose the use of the only power station fuel that emits no greenhouse gas, namely nuclear. Nuclear power is the safest method of generating electricity as shown by comparing the number of people killed per gigawatt of electricity generated.

The technical problems associated with nuclear waste are soluble.

There are no rational arguments against the use of nuclear power for electricity generation. The former director of Greenpeace in Britain, Lord Melchett, who was for many years a member of the House of Lords, never raised this question in Parliament but preferred to use hooligans to impede the operations of nuclear power stations. That is to say Greenpeace use the same tactics as Adolf Hitler, the National Socialist (Nazi) used in Germany against the Jews.

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