Opposition to nuclear power [Letter to The Journal]

Dear Editor

Opposition to nuclear power is always based on ignorance. Kate Grant (Letters, 2 February 2013) was concerned about what she called "lethal nuclear waste". The reality is that nuclear waste has never killed anybody. For that matter, civil nuclear power has never killed anybody outside the Soviet Union, and as the report of the International Atomic Energy Authority pointed out, Chernobyl could not have occurred outside the atheistic, Marxist Soviet Union.

By contrast, wind power is so much more expensive than nuclear. The energy company Centrica said recently that wind power cost three million pounds per megawatt more than nuclear power. To equal the output of one nuclear station requires 2,400 wind towers, each 300 feet high, and the presence of a large fossil fuel station held in reserve, because fluctuating wind patterns mean that for two thirds of the time wind farms produce no electricity.

Consequently, a significant number of the 20,000 who died last year from cold-related illnesses are attributable to wind power.

The high cost of cleaning up Sellafield is because organisations like Greenpeace, whose aim as the co-founder has pointed out is to destroy the economy of the western world, are insisting on this elaborate method of returning the waste into material that can be safely stored anywhere. Several other methods of dealing with waste can be found at

The Cumbrian protesters have a point because there is no real reason why the waste encased in cement and then wrapped in polythene could be dropped into some of the caverns in the ocean that go down for thousands of feet. The waste would never come up and even if it did, the dilution is such to make it totally harmless. Alternatively, there must be many Australian sheep farmers with enormous acres of land who would be happy to store waste particularly as it could be designed to be a useful source of energy.

Yours sincerely

T R Manley