Letter to the Journal

Dear Mr Aitken

David Douglas of the National Union of Mineworkers (Journal Letters, 26 November) is correct is pointing out that the Lib Dem MEP Fiona Hall in supporting the use of turbines shows herself and indeed the entire Lib Dem Party to be incapable of simple arithmetic, to be totally ignorant of meteorology and electricity generation and to be totally unconcerned that 31,000 people died last year from cold related illness, a significant number being attributed to the high cost of wind power.

The energy company Centrica said recently that wind power cost three million pounds per megawatt more than nuclear power. To equal the output of one nuclear station requires 2,400 wind towers, each 300 feet high, and the presence of a large fossil fuel station held in reserve, because fluctuating wind patterns mean that for two thirds of the time wind farms produce no electricity.

However, the mess that our energy policy is in today is the direct result of the failure of Blair and Brown to obtain cross-party support for nuclear stations in 2003.

A sensible policy which would be a mixture of coal and nuclear could be as green as a policy using natural gas. Unfortunately, Blair and Brown were not interested in the national requirements and by failing to support nuclear at that stage left us with immense costs mainly spent on foreign suppliers and loss of the expertise that was available in this country. There was a movement to have an intelligent energy policy, but this was stamped on by the then Energy Secretary Ed Milliband. Anybody who thinks that Milliband can freeze prices should ask Unite his Paymasters in Grangemouth what happens if you try to make a firm operate at a loss.

Yours faithfully