KYOTO (Sept 2003 revised 2006)

Intelligent people will welcome the rejection of the Kyoto protocol by President Bush. Bush has declined to shackle US industry because if, as seems possible, the US goes into recession, then the entire world's economy will be depressed. The point is that only the US economy can support the world. Ironically this is because Euroland has failed to build a strong economy that could take its place alongside that of the USA. The Euro has been a failure that anyone looking at the Socialist and Green parties involved would expect.

Unlike Bush, Tony Blair goes gaily on imposing restrictions on business. He does not realise that he will kill the goose that is laying golden eggs because no-one in the Cabinet has any experience of industry.

More fundamentally, we do not need carbon taxes on business, nor the vast subsidies required by wind generation. The Royal Commission on Environment Politics (RCEP22) has shown that we can easily meet the Kyoto protocol by building a dozen nuclear power stations. Nuclear stations are safe (much more so than wind generators), the technical problems of nuclear waste have been solved.

Furthermore if we build nuclear power stations we will be able to use coal in other power plants without breaching Kyoto protocol. In this way, some of the pits closed through Arthur Scargill's treacherous attempt to gain political power could be reopened. This would greatly relieve unemployment in places in the North East.