A Letter to Bishop Cunningham

Dear Bishop

CAFOD does wonderful work. I have supported them for 30 years. However, I am concerned that CAFOD wastes money on political matters often in association with the Marxist organisation Greenpeace.

The Climate Change Movement is immensely wealthy, and hardly needs the support of CAFOD. The British and US governments already pour billions into this area. The book by James Delingpole entitled "Watermelons" gives details

CAFOD spends a great deal of time and money telling us we should be aware of climate change. James Lovelock, who was made a Companion of Honour for his work on the environment, pointed out that any intelligent person who was concerned about carbon dioxide emissions should start the immediate construction of nuclear power stations. Christians in the West with the technical ability to build nuclear stations have a moral responsibility to use nuclear power in order to decrease the amount of carbon dioxide emitted.

Civil nuclear power is by far the safest method of generating electricity. Outside the Soviet Union there has not been a single death from civil nuclear power. (The Chernobyl design would not have been allowed in the west.) Chernobyl was actually not an atomic explosion but a thermal one. Chernobyl caused 38 deaths; Hiroshima caused 80,000.

The recent Japanese earthquake killed approximately 24,000 people, the Fukushima nuclear reactor zero. It is in fact against the laws of physics to be able to make a civil nuclear station explode like a bomb.

In spite of all this, CAFOD opposes civil nuclear power, even though Pope Benedict XVI pointed out that whilst nuclear bombs are immoral, civil nuclear power would be of benefit to mankind.

Greenpeace supported the ban on using DDT to control mosquitos, which has been responsible for millions of deaths from malaria in Africa. Greenpeace policy, rejecting nuclear power in favour of expensive renewables is in danger of causing thousands of deaths in this country from cold-related illnesses, since many consumers will struggle to meet the high cost of electricity generated by offshore wind.

Greenpeace opposes the use of "Golden Rice" (a genetically modified rice that has more Vitamin A) . Thousands of children die or go blind for a lack of Vitamin A.

For CAFOD to use money given to support the poor in Africa to organise demonstrations alongside Greenpeace, whose policies have killed so many African children, is scandalous.

Further details on the above points may be found at

I understand that you are going to set up a committee on the environment. I hope you will not have any Greenpeace sympathizers on this committee.

Yours Sincerely

T R Manley