The decision to open the MOX plant will benefit employment, the balance of payments and the environment by reducing the amount of greenhouse gases.

The most bizarre objection to the MOX plant is that it will harm the tourist trade. Sellafield Visitors Centre is one of the most popular visitor attractions in Cumbria. The MOX plant is attractive to terrorists - but the same could be said of Kielder dam. More people have been killed through disasters caused by dams than by nuclear power.

Greenpeace has said that transporting spent fuel to the MOX plant increases the danger of a terrorist attack. This is nonsense. The greatest danger of a nuclear terrorist attack lies in the vast quantities of plutonium that in the former Socialist states are guarded by men who are very susceptible to bribery. The sensible way foward is for the West to buy these military residues and turn them via the MOX plant into green electric power.

There is no rational basis for curtailing nuclear power as has been pointed out by James Lovelock, who initiated the theory of Gaia.

Greenpeace seems to oppose anything that contributes to economic progress in the non-Marxist world. Those foolish enough to support Greenpeace should realise that arguably they are contributing to the deaths of thousands of African children from malaria. (See website