Statements that the bishops are "retarded on the subject of organic food" merely illustrate once more that empty barrels make the most noise. A Christian Ecology Link spokesman "thinks organic farming is a very healthy thing". In the real world free range chickens carry far more salmonella and other bugs that battery hens. Recent research in Denmark once more has confirmed this to be the case. Synthetic fertilisers carry no bacteria; natural manures carry millions, many of them lethal. Sir John Krebs, the chairman of the government Food Standards Agency, has stated that organic foods have no discernible advantage over conventional foods. He notes however that people are free to spend their money in any legal manner that they choose. People who buy imported food (as most organic food is), of high cost yet giving no discernible benefit at a time of the greatest crisis in British farming are poor providers of moral guidance. If the Bishops spend so much time on vocations, falling church attendance, abortion and unemployment so that they are unable to discuss current fashions in food, then like most intelligent people, I support them. Organic farming could be very important for Britain but there needs to be an intelligent debate. Unfortunately Green activists eschew intelligent debate