David Platt of Christian Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament said that an accident such as the recent one in Japan could happen here. If Mr Platt talks to Anthony Porter of Catholic Roadwatch (Catholic Times, Letters, October 10, 1999) he will learn that much worse accidents are occuring here everyday. No-one was killed in the Japanese incident: four workers suffered long term injury and a couple of dozen needed hospital treatment. In the United Kingdom more people are killed on the roads in a month than have died in an accident in the last 50 years. If CCND are interested in saving lives, may I suggest that they look at deaths from malaria. The World Health Organisation estimates that malaria kills two million people per annum, more than half of these are children and 80 per cent of these cases are in Africa. The cheapest way of eradicating malaria, and the only one that the por countries in Africa can afford, is to kill the mosquitoes with DDT. However pressure groups like Greenpeace are trying to have DDT banned throughout the developing world. This will result in the deaths of thousands of children. In 1948 in Sri Lanka there were 2.8 million cases of malaria per year. The use of DDT brought this down to 17 cases in 1963. The Greens banned DDT in 1964 and by 1969 there were again 2.5 million cases. Any Christian who gives money to Greenpeace and other Green activists should be aware that their action will kill an African child every minute. (T R Manley, The Catholic Times, 31 October 1999)