Intelligent Greens recognise that we need nuclear generated electricity if we are to be sure of avoiding the potentially catastrophic effects of global warming. James Lovelock produced the Gaia theory, one of the few instances of intelligent thought that has come from the Green movement. Writing in the Daily Telegraph on 15th August 2001, Lovelock says that we need nuclear power if we are to avoid the loss of civilisation in a greenhouse catastrophe. Greens, he says, should regard nuclear power as a temporary bandage to be used until the harm of fossil fuel has been remedied. A recent Swiss study has confirmed that nuclear power is the safest of the power industries.

The most pressing danger at the present time is the stockpile of plutonium in Russia. In the economic chaos following the collapse of State Socialism this material is poorly protected. Bin Laden would have little difficulty in bribing the guards to obtain enough plutonium to blow up London. The sensible solution would be for the West to buy up this plutonium and use it, via the MOX plant, to produce green electricity.

Unfortunately Newcastle Greens are far from intelligent (letter from Jesus Angel Miguel-Garcia, The Journal, 27 October 2001). Not only do they oppose the MOX plant but they are also against road improvements. The policies of Miguel-Garcia could result in dozens of deaths on the A1 (where already there have been more deaths than at Chernobyl), if dualling is not carried out, thousands of deaths if fanatical terrorists get the Russian plutonium and millions of deaths if we have the 400ft rise in sea levels that Lovelock fears. SOURCES

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