Letter to Spectator

Samantha Weinberg (SPEC 25 8 07)went to disrupt Heathrow because "climate change is uppermost among our concerns". Apart from local NIMBY's, many of the protestors were there only to cause disruption being supporters of Greenpeace, as was illustrated by the inclusion of a protest at Sizewell nuclear power station. In 2001, Professor James Lovelock, who was made a Companion of Honour for his work on the environment, pointed out that intelligent Greens would press for the immediate building of nuclear stations.

To anyone with any knowledge of electricity generation, the idea that 5% of the National Grid can be met from wind turbines is ludicrous. Yet because of Greenpeace spin and incompetent journalists on the BBC, Independent and Guardian newspapers, the majority of the electorate think that wind is an alternative to nuclear power.

Alarmed by this ignorance, the Royal Society obtained funding for a Chair in the Public Understanding of Science. Unfortunately it was taken by Richard Dawkins, who spends his time advocating atheism in spite of the fact that atheists form a miniscule proportion of great scientists.

Hoi polloi often attribute their dislike of nuclear power to "Chernobyl". Chernobyl could only occur in an atheistic state. Before that l reactor was built, it was pointed out by both British and Russian scientists that it was unsafe. The Godless Soviet Union were not prepared to double to cost of the reactor by providing containment. This was logical - Stalin was responsible for the deaths of seven million Ukrainians. [cf Adolf Hitler, six million Jews] and so the 38 killed at Chernobyl caused the atheists no loss of sleep.

The only other case where a nuclear reactor malfunctioned in over 50 years of nuclear power, was in the USA at Three Mile Island, when the death toll was zero and damage to the environment was nil.

As well as producing no greenhouse gases, nuclear is by far the safest method of electricity generation. Outside the Soviet Union there has never been a single death caused by failure of a nuclear reactor.

Intelligent Greens should search for the authoritative report "How to close the energy gap" or for James Lovelock or

Spectator readers may like to write to Professor Dawkins in the Department of Natural History at Oxford University and ask when he is going to do the job he is paid for.