Paul Donovan, Fukushima [Letter to the Universe]

The Editor The Universe

Dear Sir

The article on nuclear power by Paul Donovan on Pentecost Sunday is utter nonsense. 24,000 lives were lost in the Japanese catastrophe, most of them following the tsunami, thousands were lost in the fire that followed the destruction of the oil refinery and eight men died at Fukushima. So Mr Donovan wants nuclear power to stop!

In fact Fukushima confirms that nuclear power is by far the safest method of generating electricity.

Numbers killed in generating electricity with different fuel sources 1970-92 includes Chernobyl

Fuel No. of deaths Deaths per terawatt year of electricity generated
Natural Gas120085
Hydro Electricity4000883

Nuclear power is the only power station fuel that produces zero carbon dioxide.

In 2001[Daily Telegraph, 15 August], Professor James Lovelock FRS, whose brilliant experimental work enabled us to solve the problem of the hole in the ozone layer, pointed out that any intelligent person who was concerned about carbon dioxide emissions would press for the immediate construction of nuclear power stations. This view was supported by the Royal Society (Britainís top scientists),and the heads of every engineering institution

Propaganda against nuclear and for wind turbines comes from the neo-Marxists. The collapse of the atheist Soviet Union meant that no-one is going to vote Communist so they all call themselves Green, but the objective remains the destruction of free markets.

This is clearly seen in Germany. A few months ago, Angela Merckel realised that if she was going to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, she would have to have nuclear power, but after the elections where she did badly, she needed a coalition with the Green Party and the price of coalition was to stop nuclear power ĖThis is purely the mark of atheistic neo-Marxism, but unfortunately Merckel feels she has to go along with it even though it will greatly increase global warming and the price of electricity.

At least she has more justification that Brown and Blair for the disastrous wind farms that despoil the British countryside or caused the increased bills for electricity .These monstrosities could have been avoided if Blair and Brown had sought a cross party agreement on Nuclear power similar to that on capital punishment The electorate favoured capital punishment but a cross party move caused it to be abolished

Offshore wind costs 9p per kilowatt/hr as against 2.2p for nuclear power.

One result of the cost of wind is that there were 25,000 deaths last year (Office of National Statistics figures). Wind power kills far more than any nuclear station.

Whilst he may not know much about scientific matters, Mr Donovan should know that Pope Benedict XVI, whilst repeating Pope John Paulís statement that what we need to do is avoid consumerism, he has pointed out that while the use of nuclear weapons is immoral, civil nuclear power with the appropriate safeguards is of great benefit to the planet.